Manusela National Park is a combination of two natural reserve , Nature Reserve Wai Nua covering 20,000 ha ( Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 557 / Kpts / Um / 12/1972 dated December 7, 1972 ) and Nature Reserve Wai Mual of ± 18,300 ha ( Decree of the Minister of Agriculture No. 840 / Kpts / Um / 11/1980 dated 25 November 1980) , as well as its extension in the form of production forests and protected areas. Both the area proposed to be a candidate for the national park with a statement of the Minister of Agriculture No. 736 / Ministry of Agriculture / X / 1982 dated October 14, 1982 under the name National Park Manusela Wai Nua / Wai Mual.

On May 23, 1997 , the Minister of Forestry issued the Decree No. 281 / Kpts – VI / 1997 concerning the appointment Manusela National Park covering an area of 189 000 hectares , located in the District of Central Maluku , the Province of Maluku . Furthermore, on April 8 , 2014, in a National Park Manusela set by the Decree of the Minister of Forestry Number 2583 / Menhut – VII / KUH / 2014 on Designation of Forest Areas Manusela National Park Covering an area of 174,545.59 ( One Hundred Seventy Four Thousand Five Hundred Forty Five and Fifty Nine percentile ) hectares All Situated in Central Maluku district , Maluku.

n the short history of the area TN Manusela outlined in the following table :
Table 1. History of the National Park Manusela

NoDocument TypeDocument NumberDate of TimeAboutLarge
1Decree of the Minister of Agriculture557/Kpts/Um/12/1972Kamis, 7 Desember 1972Designation of forest area of ​​20,000 ha . Nua River around Ceram As Nature Reserve.± 20.000
2Decree of the Minister of Agriculture840/Kpts/Um/11/1980Selasa , 25 November 1980Appointment of Wae Nausea and surrounding area covering 18,300 Ha + . Nausea Way as a nature reserve .± 18.300
3Decree of the Minister of Agriculture736/Mentan/X/1982Kamis, 14 Oktober 1982
Candidates Manusela National Park Wai Nua / Wai Nausea ( Mollucas ).
± 189.000
4Decree of the Minister of Forestry281/Kpts-VI/1997Jumat, 23 Mei 1997Appointment Manusela National Park , Maluku Province .± 189.000
5Decree of the Minister of Forestry2583/Menhut-VII/KUH/2014Selasa, 8 April 2014Designation of Forest Areas Manusela National Park Covering an area of ​​174,545.59 in Central Maluku district, Maluku Province.174.545,95


“Realization of Potential Management of the National Park Manusela Sustainably for People’s Welfare and Institutions Supported by Strong”


To realize the vision that has been set , the Mission carried by Manusela National Park are:

a.Maintaining extensive National Park neighborhood Manusela corresponding Decree of the Minister of Forestry No. SK.2583 / Menhut - VII / KUH / 2014, dated April 8, 2014;
b.National Park neighborhood zoning designation Manusela appropriate and ensuring the rule of law
c.Maintain and sustainably utilize natural resources Manusela National Parks
d.Improved protection functions of life support systems and the preservation of biodiversity and ecosystem Manusela National Park
e.Increasing the role of the National Park Attraction Manusela as natural and scientific tourism
f.Empowerment of communities around the National Park Manusela
g.Consolidation of institutional Manusela National Park.

The National Park Authority is Manusela Technical Implementation Unit of the Directorate General of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems ( KSDAE ) having an Essential Task implement National Parks Area Management in the framework of Conservation of Natural Resources and Ecosystems based on the legislation in force .

In carrying out the duties of the National Park has a function Manusela


1.Preparation of the National Parks Development Program Manusela
2.Holding , Protection , Preservation and Utilization of the National Park and its Ecosystem
3.Promote and Information.
4.Security Zone , Area Conservation Forest and Environment , Conservation Type Natural Resources Conservation and Development Nature
5.Cooperation management of national parks
6.Administrative Affairs

Organization structure of the Central TN Manusela by Forestry Minister Regulation No. P.03 / Menhut – II / 2007 is described as follows:


Figure 1. Organizational Structure Chart Central TN Manusela by Forestry Minister Regulation No. P.03 / Menhut – II / 2007

Sub-Division of Administration in charge of implementing administrative matters correspondence, procedures, personnel, finance, equipment, archives, households, planning, teamwork, data, monitoring and evaluation, reporting and public relations.

The National Park Management Section Region (SPTN) in charge of implementing planning and budgeting, evaluation and reporting, technical assistance, service and community empowerment, area management, protection, preservation, sustainable use, security and control of forest fires, combating deforestation and circulation timber , plants, and wildlife illegally and management of facilities and infrastructure, promotion, bina bina nature and love of nature, counseling conservation of natural resources and ecosystems as well as cooperation in the field of management of the national park.

Functional groups in Central TN Manusela consists of functional Controlling Forest Ecosystem, police Forestry and Forestry Extension. Functional official in charge of carrying out activities in accordance with their respective functions independently by laws – laws, in this case the Regulation of the Minister of PAN number 50 of 2012 on the Functional Controller Forest Ecosystem and credit figures as well as the Regulation of the Minister of PAN number 17 of 2011 on Functional Police forestry and credit figures.

Based on the Director Hall Number: SK.17 / IV-T.38 / Kpts- 1/2012 dated January 5, 2012 on the Division of Work Area Resort Manusela National Park, Resort in TN. Manusela divided into 6 resort, which consists of 4 Resort in SPTN Region I O and 2 Resort in SPTN Region II Tehoru.

In SPTN Region I consists of Resort Sasarata (26245.19 ha), Resort Kaloa (22773.56 ha), Resort Sawai Masihulan (33339.30 ha), Resort Kanikeh (38938.54 ha), while in Region II consists of SPTN Resort Saunulu (20.042,56Ha) and Resort Mosso (33474.799 Ha).

Human resources Manusela TN Hall, until December 2015, there were 85 people. Consisting of 63 civil servants (PNS) and 22Tenaga Contract / Employee Variable / Government Employees to Work Agreement and placed proportionally on each line of management. Central TN Manusela state employees is as to which table 1 below.

Table 1. Employees of Central TN state Manusela

tabel pegawai

Distribution Centres employees scope TN Manusela fairly evenly in the third management unit that is 24 people ( 38.09 % ) in the Central , 25 ( 39.69 % ) in SPTN I O , and 14 people ( 22.22 % ) in SPTN II Tehoru , From the number of these employees , when seen from the level / type of education , the scope of the employee TN Hall Manusela still dominated by high school graduates as many as 46 people ( 73.02 % ) , a graduate of S1 as many as 14 people ( 22.22 % ) , and D3 as many as 3 people (4.76 % ) . A full picture regarding the condition of employment by education is presented in Figure 2 .


Figure 2. Composition of Employee Central TN Manusela based education.

Matrix TNM Management Action Plan 2016 – 2025


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